Worthington's Law - It Came From The Cul-De-Sac 12" Vinyl


Coming straight from the suburbs of Durham, NC, it's the supposedly funny punk band Worthington's Law. "It Came From the Cul-De-Sac" features the first 14 tracks recorded by the comedy-punk duo of Nick Faber and Scotty Sandwich. Recommended for fans of the Vandals, Dwarves, and Descendents.

Side 1
1. Broken Time Machine
2. What If Steven Spielberg Sees Me?
3. Get Off My Sac!
4. Son of a Teacher
5. No One Wants to Come (With Me)
6. In Love With a Nun
7. La Cosa Nova

Side 2
1. Religious Exemption
2. Everybody's Gonna Croak
3. Goin' For a Walk
4. Gasparilla
5. Hyper and High
6. I'm Bored
7. Spouseage